ADAM 0.12.0 is now available!

This release includes new Parquet utilities that are part of an effort to read/write Parquet directly on S3, eliminating the need to transfer data from S3 to HDFS for processing. This release also upgrades ADAM to Spark 1.0 and provides new schema definitions, bug fixes and features:

  • ISSUE 264: Parquet-related Utility Classes
  • ISSUE 259: ADAMFlatGenotype is a smaller, flat version of a genotype schema
  • ISSUE 266: Removed extra command ‘BuildInformation’
  • ISSUE 263: Added AdamContext.referenceLengthFromCigar
  • ISSUE 260: Modifying conversion code to resolve #112.
  • ISSUE 258: Adding an ‘args’ parameter to the plugin framework.
  • ISSUE 262: Adding reference assembly name to ADAMContig.
  • ISSUE 256: Upgrading to Spark 1.0
  • ISSUE 257: Adds toString method for sequence dictionary.
  • ISSUE 255: Add equals, canEqual, and hashCode methods to MdTag class