ADAM 0.11.0 is now available.

This release allows you not just read but also write to SAM/BAM files, adds utilities for trimming reads, implements contig-to-RefSeq translation, refactors SequenceDictionary to include RefSeq information (and without numeric IDs) and prepare ADAMGenotype for incorporating reference model information, and fixes a bug in FASTA fragments.

For details see the following issues…

  • ISSUE 250: Adding ADAM to SAM conversion.
  • ISSUE 248: Adding utilities for read trimming.
  • ISSUE 252: Added a note about rebasing-off-master to
  • ISSUE 249: Cosmetic changes to FastaConverter and FastaConverterSuite.
  • ISSUE 251: is updated at release instead of per pull request
  • ISSUE 247: For #244, Fragments were incorrect order and incomplete
  • ISSUE 246: Making sample ID field in genotype nullable.
  • ISSUE 245: Adding ADAMContig back to ADAMVariant.
  • ISSUE 243: Rebase PR#238 onto master