A Contributor License Agreement (CLA) is a document that clearly defines the terms under which intellectual property is being contributed to the Big Data Genomics software projects. A signed CLA needs to be on file before an individual is allowed to commit rights to any repository in the bigdatagenomics organization. These agreements are for your protection as a Contributor and do not change your rights to use your Contributions for any other purpose.

There are two CLAs: individual and corporate.

Note: These CLAs are identical to the individual and corporate agreements used at the Apache Software Foundation except for changing “The Apache Software Foundation” to “The Big Data Genomics Project” and “Foundation” to “BDG Project”.

If you are contributing to the bigdatagenomics organization in your free time, you needn’t concern yourself with having a Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CCLA) on file. However, if you are making contributions as part of your work at a corporation, an authorized person at your corporation will need to submit a CCLA explicitly endorsing your contributions to the bigdatagenomics organization.

Feel free to send an email to cla at if you have any questions.