ADAM was featured in an article that was posted to both the O’Reilly Strata and Forbes web sites that opens with the following:

As open source, big data tools enter the early stages of maturation, data engineers and data scientists will have many opportunities to use them to “work on stuff that matters”. Along those lines, computational biology and medicine are areas where skilled data professionals are already beginning to make an impact.

The Tim O’Reilly post, “Work on Stuff that Matters: First Principles”, is a great read that encourages readers to work on something that matters to you more than money, create more value than you capture and take the long view. While ADAM is a very new project, we hope that it will be used someday soon to help save lives and enable researchers to ask questions that aren’t possible today. We are taking the long view and sharing all this valuable software as Apache-licensed open-source.

If you’re interested in contributing, join our mailing list and introduce yourself. We also mark open issues that are good introductory projects with a “pick me up!” label. Of course, we welcome any contribution you’d like to make!