ADAM 0.14.0 is now available. Special thanks to Arun Ahuja, Timothy Danford, Michael L Heuer, Uri Laserson, Frank Nothaft, Andy Petrella and Ryan Williams for their contributions to this release!

This release uses the newly-released Apache Spark 1.1.0 which brings operational and performance improvements in Spark core. Two new scripts, adam-shell and adam-submit, allow you to use ADAM via the Spark shell or the Spark submit script in addition to the ADAM CLI.

The Hadoop-BAM team is now publishing their artifacts to Maven Central (yea!) so we no longer rely on snapshot releases. ADAM 0.14.0 uses the 7.0.0 release of Hadoop-BAM.

This release also adds a new Java plugin interface, improves MD tag processing as well as fixes numerous bugs.

We hope that you enjoy this release. Drop by #adamdev on, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our mailing list to stay in touch.

For more details, see the changelog below:

  • ISSUE 376: [ADAM-375] Upgrade to Hadoop-BAM 7.0.0.
  • ISSUE 378: [ADAM-360] Upgrade to Spark 1.1.0.
  • ISSUE 379: Fix the position of the jar path in the submit.
  • ISSUE 383: Make Mdtags handle ‘=’ and ‘X’ cigar operators
  • ISSUE 369: [ADAM-369] Improve debug output for indel realigner
  • ISSUE 377: [ADAM-377] Update to Jenkins scripts and README.
  • ISSUE 374: [ADAM-372][ADAM-371][ADAM-365] Refactoring CLI to simplify and integrate with Spark model better
  • ISSUE 370: [ADAM-367] Updated alias in
  • ISSUE 368: erasure, nonexhaustive-match, deprecation warnings
  • ISSUE 354: [ADAM-353] Fixing issue with SAM/BAM/VCF header attachment when running distributed
  • ISSUE 357: [ADAM-357] Added Java Plugin hook for ADAM.
  • ISSUE 352: Fix failing MD tag
  • ISSUE 363: Adding maven assembly plugin configuration to create tarballs
  • ISSUE 364: [ADAM-364] Fixing remaining URLs.
  • ISSUE 362: Remove mention of uberjar from README